Hi there friends! My name is Alyson and I’m a graphic designer from the great state of Texas. No, not Austin, TX… but, the bigger, traffic-filled, wonderfully diverse and inclusive Houston, TX. It get’s a lot of flack, but IMO it’s pretty freakin’ great! My whole life, I’ve just always loved making things – Pretty things, tasty things, big things, and little things. I have a hunch that you ended up here because you, just like me, are all about that creative life too. I created Type Aly as an outlet to explore all of my creative passions (yeah, there are a lot) and be able to share the results with you amazing people.

I’m a firm believer in the importance of details and that belief is ingrained into everything I create. I’m a list-maker, an over-researcher, a many-questions-asker, and meticulous might as well be my middle name. My hope is that all of my over-thinking and detail-obsessing could do more than drive my friends and family crazy… It could hopefully eliminate some of the guesswork for the things that you are inspired to make yourself.

Just leave the details to me and let’s find out what awesome stuff we can make together. Who’s with me?!


P.S. Several of my posts come from the super cool stuff I get to do during my 9 to 5 at Norton Creative which you should totally check out if you’re a fan, and if you are curious about any of my other design work, you can always check out my portfolio site too!