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Thrive Creative Conference

This past weekend, I got to attend the Thrive Creative Conference in Austin, TX. I was already planning to be there after my blogging mentor, Kara (from Kailo Chic), asked if I could be an extra set of hands to help with a balloon wall photo backdrop and a giant balloon garland for the main entrance, both of which she was commissioned to do for the event. So, I get to hang out with Kara and make some awesome balloon stuff PLUS attend a super cool conference with a bunch of creative entrepreneurs just like me, all in one weekend? ABSO-FRICKIN-LUTELY. I. Am. So. There.

Now as much as you guys might want me to, I’m not going to go into detail about the balloon installations because I just couldn’t even do Kara’s magical skills justice. But I WILL share some photos of the finished products! And hey, if you follow Kailo Chic, maybe she will do a DIY post about it sometime.🤞🏻

Gorgeous right?! I mean… that color combo is just so sweet.

Ok, let me talk about Thrive. I have to start by saying how amazing it is that there are people like, blogger and Thrive’s founder, Bree Pair in the world. Her goal, and now the whole Thrive team’s goal 4 years later, is to give bloggers the resources that they need to be successful through their online platform and this conference. Pretty amazing, right?

I am still so early on in my journey to try to make something more of my passions and ideas, and I am constantly finding myself humbled by how little I know. Despite my research on top of research, there always seems to be so much more to be learned about the rules, etiquette, techniques, and strategies of the whole blogging slash social media influencer world. That’s why it’s so HUGE to me that Bree and her team would create Thrive. They believe that bloggers don’t have to be competitive with each other, and that we can actually help each other be successful. And I so seriously admire that mentality. I mean yeah! There is totally room for everyone, and everyone has something completely unique to offer, so why not band together!

So, what were some other takeaways from this event other than gratitude and admiration? Well, If you are a new blogger or a blogger that has recently decided to turn your passion project/side hustle into a full time business, this conference was literally created for you. That sounded sales-y, but I really mean it guys. #NoAd 😂

Since this event is put together by super creative people, you are obviously going to get lots of grammable photos of the swag, decor, and sponsor setups, but that is just the icing on top of the cake. The cake also has sprinkles y’all. Those sprinkles are meeting bloggers in all different areas like food, fashion, photography, DIY, and travel, just to name a few. It was so great to talk to people like me, who are passionate about what they have to offer people out there. Everyone I talked to shared some piece of insight that came from a totally new perspective than my own, and it was totally awesome.

But what about the cake? The cake is the fantastic lineup of people that are there to share their expertise on all of the pieces and parts and processes needed to create and grow your brand, and then how to maximize it’s success. I seriously learned so much from these speakers. They covered topics like establishing a clear brand aesthetic and mission, what to do and NOT to do on Instagram, ways to make your brand profitable, how to increase page views with search engine optimization, how to make big connections with brand sponsors, and wayyy more. It was honestly just very eye-opening, motivating, overwhelming, and inspiring, all at the same time. On top of everything else, I got to reconnect with Jeff Mindell and Kelly Mindell from Studio DIY again which is always a delight, and gain some amazing advice from their keynote talk.

On my drive home to Houston, my mind was going about a mile a minute trying to decide what to do now with all of this new information. But the cool thing is that because of this one weekend, I feel more prepared and informed than I was before, and that makes this whole crazy journey just a little less scary and a lot more exciting. 💕🤗

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