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Barbie Dog Cookies

Yes. You read that right… Barbie Dog. I got a good laugh when I got a request for this cookie order for a little girl’s birthday party. Her mom really cracked me up when she gave me that as the party’s theme and then said “that’s what you get when you let a six year old decide.” 😂

But needless to say, I totally got excited to create my interpretation of what cookies would look like for a Barbie Dog party. What I decided on was using this set of cutters and wanted to make them cute and girly with some polka dots, bows, and hearts.

You can see the process below which involved all the typical cookie steps. Mixing, rolling, chilling, then baking, cooling, more mixing, bag filling, icing, drying, and then I individually bagging. And in case you’re curious about my royal icing, I use a video recipe that I purchased a couple years back from Flour Box Bakery that you can find over at her blog. It’s the best!

I loved the way that they turned out. What do you guys think?!

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