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Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Baby Shower

One of my dearest friends is about to have her first baby, a little girl, and I was so excited when I found out that I got to help throw her baby shower with a couple of her other close friends.

Her best friend, that led the whole operation, handled all of the logistics, and asked that I be in charge of anything that needed to be designed and printed. Then I saw that the invitations (that were already in the works) were going to be from the Rifle Paper Co’s Birch Monarch collection. So beautiful right? Right off the bat, I knew I wanted to make a photo op wall out of Rifle Paper Co inspired giant paper flowers, and that I would also try to tie all of the printed decor’s designs to the invitation as well.

Everything came together SO well and I wanted to share all the details with you guys! So let’s start with the paper flowers. They may seem intimidating, but they’re really not hard to make. I will say that they are time consuming, but find a friend or relative that’s willing to help out and just start chatting while you cut and glue… they will be finished before you know it. Here is what you’ll need:

  • Colored Cardstock (8.5×11)
  • A Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • (Optional) Silhouette Cameo

Here is a break down of how many sheets you will need for each flower. 

  • Large (ab. 18-20” diameter) – 9 sheets
  • Medium (ab. 14-16” diameter) – 4.5 sheets
  • Small (ab. 10-12” diameter) – 2.5 sheets
  • Extra Small (ab. 6-8” diameter) – 1 sheet
  • Flower Centers – 1/2 a sheet per flower

Here’s how you will make them. There are only 3 sizes of petals. A full sheet size, half sheet size, and quarter sheet size. For each size of flower you will make them the same way. First, Using a pencil, draw the shape of your largest petal on the sheet and use that as a template for the other petals at the same size. You can make the top edge any shape you want and freehand it. It doesn’t have to be perfectly uniform because real flowers aren’t! Some I did with a 3 or 4 point wave, some rounded, and some scalloped. Then draw matching petal shapes as you make the templates for your smaller petals. Second, cut out all of your petals and then cut about a 2-3 inch slit in the of the base of the petal. Third, cross the two sides of the slit to overlap and tack them together with hot glue so that your flower curves up. Lastly, glue your petals together, evenly spacing them out and working from the outside-in. I found it easiest to cut a circle to use as the center to glue around but it doesn’t need to be perfect because you won’t see it when it’s done. You can also curl the top edge of your flowers outward to make them have a more realistic look. 

So let’s talk about the sizes. For the large flowers you will do all of the above steps starting with 5 full sheet petals, then 5 half sheet sized petals (2.5 sheets worth), and then 5 quarter sheet sized petals (1.25 sheets worth). For the medium flowers, you make them the same way but without the full page sized petals. I also liked to make some of them with 6 outside petals instead of 5. And for the small flowers, I used just quarter sized petals for the whole thing. 5 or 6 on the outside and 4 in the inside. 

For the centers, you can really get creative! You can fold a half a sheet of paper in half, and cut slits down on the fold side, then roll it up and glue the end down. You can also just roll up a half piece of paper that you have cut lots of slits in for a more fringed center. It’s really up to you!

Now for the extra vines and leaves. I think these really add a lot to the wall. You can certainly freehand some of these elements, but the ones I used were made using the Silhouette Cameo to cut the shapes out of contrasting colored cardstock. These are totally optional though, and I promise it will still be a beautiful photo op without them!

The flower wall was a HUGE hit and I was so in love with it! It’s not often that I am so completely happy with something I create (we’re all our own worst critics right?), but not with these. They were so pretty guys!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! I also created some really lovely printed pieces that brought the Rifle Paper Co aesthetic through the rest of the space. Check out the photos below to see how it all came together! Hope y’all enjoy! 💕

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