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Fall Leaves Doormat

It’s been exactly a month since I posted about my DIY doormat for Halloween, and since everyone kept telling me how much they loved it, I decided to make another one for you guys for the fall season!

You can download the pdf template at the link below, and here is a list of the other things you will need. 

  1. Doormat PDF Template
  2. $10 IKEA Doormat
  3. Orange, Brown, Green & White Paints (you can use acrylic or interior latex paint like I did this time)
  4. X-Acto Knife
  5. Utility Knife
  6. Tape
  7. Cutting Mat
  8. Paint Brushes (various sizes)

After you print the template (make sure you don’t “fit to page” in your print settings), you will need to tile your sheets together and use tape to secure them together. I think that printing on cardstock works a little better than regular weight paper, but it’s okay to use either. Once fully assembled, you can cut off the excess white paper all the way around. 

Sadly, I realized after finishing the stencil that a lot of important letter details fell in between the tiles that didn’t print. BUT! Since I found that this project is pretty forgiving when it comes to how precise the edges are after painting, I decided to just sketch the rest of them in. I adjusted where that fell in the download for you guys though so you shouldn’t have that problem!

Before starting to cut out the details, you will want to flip your mat over, and place your stencil art side down on the rubber back of the mat as align the bottom straight edge to the bottom of the mat. Then using a sharpie, trace the the top straight edge and leaf cut out that will look like it’s sticking out the top of the mat.

Then you will use a utility knife to cut along that line from the back, just cutting through the rubber. You won’t need to cut through the fibers as they will just pull apart once the rubber is cut. If any of that doesn’t make sense, check back on the Halloween mat post linked at the beginning of this post. After you’ve cut the top part off, you’ll need to turn your mat right side up and trim up the crazy fibers on your newly cut edge. 

Next step is to cut out the letters and leaves from your stencil. With the stencil on top of a cutting mat, use your x-acto knife to carefully cut out all of the areas that you’ll be painting. I like to leave little connector pieces for the counter spaces of the letters that have them (the spaces inside the O, e, and d). That way they don’t fall all the way out and I can connect the little gaps after I take the stencil off. 

Once your stencil is all cut out, the hard part is over! Place your stencil right side up on top of your mat. Align it to the edges as close as possibly (doesn’t have to be perfect) and use tape to tape the stencil down, wrapping it around the edge and underneath to the rubber back. Grab your paint brushes and paint and go to town!

I ended up switching the colors of the green and orange leaves from the template because I decided I didn’t want as much orange, but you can of course make the leaves any color that works best for your home. Once you’re finished painting all of the cut out areas, you can carefully remove your stencil and touch up any little areas that need it. 

And you’re all done! You’ll probably have to wait overnight for it to be dry enough to put on your front porch but after it’s dry it will hold up well. So what do y’all think? I am really loving making these and they’re so inexpensive! Should I do a new doormat each season and keep this train going?! Leave a comment and let me know!

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