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Fall Boho Nails

I felt like it was time to say goodbye to my mod candy corn nails and say hello to fall in true pinterest-addict fashion… with a seasonally inspired manicure obviously!

For my boho fall-inspired nails, I used 3 different color gel polishes and my Sensationail light. As always, I have to reiterate to you guys how much I love having a nail light like this one so that I can do my own gel manicures at home. I bought it years ago and it has paid for itself like 10 times over! If you can paint your own nails with regular polish, you can definitely do it with gel and save yourself the 35 bucks to get it done at a salon. Plus, you can get really creative without having to pay extra for “accent nails.”

Other than the clear top coat of course, I used a shimmery espresso color, a peachy orange (both Sensationail brand) and a pale gold glitter polish that I got as part of this set. I tend to do accents on my left hand only for a couple of reasons. One, I am right handed so it is difficult for me to be as precise on my right hand, and two, I usually feel that it’s visually too much when both hands have design details like that. I think it balances out better to keep the right hand simple. Sometimes I even do it all one color. 

For this look, I did my thumb and pinky solid with the shimmery espresso. I painted my pointer finger with the espresso and then before curing the second coat, I dabbed a bit of glitter polish near the cuticle and used the tip of my metal nail file to lightly drag it outward to create a gradient. On my middle nail, I did two coats of the peachy orange and after those cured under the light, I used a super skinny brush to dip into the brown polish to paint on the double chevron detail, then also cured that layer. Lastly, for my ring finger, I did two coats of the pale gold glitter.

I finished my right hand in all the same base colors, but without the double chevron or glitter gradient. And just like that, I’m all ready for hot cocoa and big chunky sweaters! 😉

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