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Mod Candy Corn Nails

I thought I would share my latest nails with you guys! I wanted to do something that was in candy corn colors, but not too obviously candy corn… if that makes sense. I wanted to do something that I hadn’t really seen before but I knew I wanted to feel more modern than most Halloween themed nail designs I see. 

I used my sensationail nail light and some super cheap gel polishes that I bought online. I kind of hate the quality of this specific polish, but since it’s so inexpensive, I will sometimes get colors in this brand that I know I won’t be using as much as some of the more versatile tones. I basically just painted my nails in candy corn order, but for my ring finger, I did the base two coats in white and split the top coat into orange and white, slightly cleaning up the edge with a q-tip before setting it under the light. 

I finished them off with an off-center, tiny dot by dipping the head of a sewing pin into a bit of white polish and barely touching it to the nail. I did set the dots under the light too before topping the whole manicure with clear gel top coat. I LOVE how I can feel the bump of the dot. I play with the dots constantly. But it might not be for everyone. What do you guys think? Do these nails still feel like Halloween nails or no?

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