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Feather Decorated Pumpkins

You guys may have been seeing feather pumpkins around this season. I know I have been! I’ve seen some for pretty good prices but I really wanted a set of my own that had different feathers and were each a little different from each other. But I kept seeing the same kind everywhere or sets of all the same. So of course, I decided to make my own! Here is what you need to make these feathered fancies!

  • Faux Pumpkins (varied sizes)
  • Tacky Glue
  • Various Types of Feathers

This was one of the easiest DIY projects ever guys! I always love when I can count the number or supplies or tools I need on one hand! To start, my white pumpkins cane from the link above, but my taupe and black pumpkins came from Joann’s. I bought five different types of feathers at Joann’s too. Guinea feathers in a few different color palettes, a bag of white feathers, and these brown ones with black tips.

All I did was glue down my feathers in a row all the way around in the lowest position first. Then alternating the placement filling in the gaps as I worked my way to the stem. I tried to use the larger feathers at the bottom and the smallest ones near the stem. I did have to trim some though for some of my pumpkins. 

I will also say this… these would have taken no time at all, but I was a bit meticulous about sorting my feathers. I wanted to make sure not to use any weird wonky or broken ones. But in the end it was totally worth the extra step! So simple but so pretty. I love how they are all so different and can work for Halloween all the way into fall. What do y’all think? Do these feathers suit your fancy?!

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