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Collagen Lip & Eye Masks

A coworker of mine was talking about these under eye masks that she uses and I got really curious about whether they would work for me. I don’t particularly have a problem with my under eyes, but they certainly could use some help sometimes. Even if just to try to be preventative. When I started looking online to order the eye masks, I found these lip mask kits too and thought, why not try them out together! 

First impressions: The lip kit is adorably kawaii. Not sure if it comes from Japan though. The little monkey with the pouty lips is just the cutest ever. The eye mask felt very gold and therefore fancy! I was also impressed at how many masks I got in the package for the price. There are A LOT. 

Application: Before I started, I used a makeup wipe to remove all of my under eye and lip makeup. The lip mask was first. Step one is a little pad that has gritty texture to it, and is sitting in a liquid in its pouch. You rub this pad all over your lips first which exfoliates them. Then after wiping my lips off, I put the second step on, the lip mask. It is pretty tricky to get on. You have to separate it from a film on both sides, and it’s very slippery. It’s also thin, so it has the potential to rip if you’re not careful.

Once the lip mask was on, I applied the eye masks. These were also a bit tricky because of how slippery and wet they are right out of the package. But definitely a little easier than the lip mask. All that was left to do at that point was wait. 15 minutes to be exact.  Make sure you tell anyone you live with what you’re doing this because as soon as I finished, the bf came in and asked what I was doing. Of course my lips were trapped under a mask and I couldn’t tell him until 15 minutes later. Lesson learned. 

The Verdict: For the eye masks, I honestly felt like my under eyes looked worse, but felt better. That sounds weird, but the masks were kind of tingly and I think it made my under eyes a little red and irritated, but once I patted them off, they did feel very soft. However, I couldn’t really tell if the softness lasted for more than a day. But based on the price for a 30 pack of these puppies, it still seems like a good value! I could see myself using them after a long day at work while I’m relaxing. 

For the lip mask, I think it worked better than the eye mask. The exfoliating step definitely helped and then the mask step made them feel super smooth. You could really tell how smooth they were when you applied the step three “honey essence” which was exactly like the super sweet lip glosses you used to use in middle school. Again, for the price of these for a 3-pack, I feel like it was worth it. Would definitely be good for when the air starts getting dryer and colder and my lips start needing a little something. 

Check out the pictures below and you guys tell me. Can you tell a difference? Do you think they’re worth it??

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