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DIY Witch Doormat

I posted earlier this week about this awesome, reversible door hanger. I knew when I made it that my Halloween front entry wouldn’t be complete without a new themed door mat! So I decided to make one and share all the details of how to make one for your home. 

Here is what you will need to make this cheeky witch doormat. 

Make sure that you print the stencil PDF pages at full size, “do not scale.” Start by puzzle piecing your stencil pages together and taping the seams. Butt the paper (or ideally cardstock) edges right up next to each other and covered the entire length of the seams in tape. Use a ruler and your X-acto blade to cut the straight edges off the outside of the stencil and cut around the top of the witches hat. 

Flip your doormat over and place your stencil, artwork side down, on the back of the doormat. Use a sharpie to trace the top edge of the stencil. This is where you will be cutting.

With the back, rubbery side of the mat still up, use the utility knife to cut the rubber and separate the rug fibers. Next, you will need to cut out the stencil letters. You can see in the photo below that to make things a little easier, I left little connecting pieces to make sure the counter spaces of the E’s and the O didn’t fall out. Once you finish cutting out the rest of the stencil, lay it down, face up, on the top of the doormat.

You may want use pieces of tape of around the edges and wrapped around to the back. It will keep it in place while you paint. Then you’re ready to paint it in! I found that it helped when I added just a bit of water to the paint to thin it out. That way it got into the fibers a little easier. Doing it this way did mean that I had to do multiple coats though, but I still think it made it a little easier to get the letters more solid. Once you finish with the white, you can outline the hat and spider shapes with your sharpie.

After that outline is marked, you can remove the stencil. It was much easier to paint the black sections with the stencil gone. Once you’re finished with the black, you’re all done! I hope you enjoy this fun, Halloweenie DIY my pretties. 😉🕷💕

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