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Reversible Halloween Door Hanger

Decorating for Halloween is second only to Christmas, and considering how much I love Christmas decorating, that’s saying a lot! So, I had these little foam bats from the Dollar Tree that I was trying to decide what to do with, and since I already have a plan for a door mat craft this month, I decided to use them to make something to complete my entry once that’s done.

Here is what you’ll need to make this super simple door hanging. 

  • Package of Foam Bats (Dollar Tree)
  • Black & Gold Spray Paints
  • Black & Gold Paint Pens
  • Fabric Ribbon (about 4 feet)
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Two Sizes of Stencil Letters
  • Metal Key Ring

Disregard the paintbrush in the above photo. I thought that I would need it, but ended up not. First you will need to spray paint six of the bats gold and six of the bats black. The foam that they are made of is VERY thin, so it helped me to use a small piece of looped tape to hold them down to my spray paint surface. That way, they won’t blow away! I learned that the hard way when my first spray painted bat blew into some dirt, paint side down. 🙄

Next, cut your ribbon to about 4 feet in length and set aside. Then you will want to stencil your letters on to each bat, using black paint pen on the gold bats and gold paint pen on the black ones. Whenever I am trying to center a word, I always start with the center one or two letters and work my way out. So for “creep” I started with the first E and put that in the middle, and for “real” I centered the EA first. The single letters are obviously a little easier. 

Once your bats are all finished and dry, you can start to hot glue them down by running a line of glue on your ribbon and centering the bat onto the glue. I left about 6-8 inches of ribbon above the first bat I glued down, and then spaced them evenly down, using a ruler to leave about two inches between each one. It helped that the ribbon I used had a gold burst going down it because after the first one, I just counted how many bursts to leave between each. 

One the first side is down, you can flip the whole thing over. Then you will glue the other set of bats on the backside of the first set. You will want to hot glue around the edges of the bat and carefully line them up to each other. I found it easiest to glue the bodies to each other first and then come back and glue the wings together. Try to make the glue as thin and smooth as possible because the foam is thin and bumps will show through. 

To finish them off, I folded up and glued down a small bit at the bottom and then glued down the top of the ribbon after looping it over. This gave me a piece to attach the key ring to so that it would lay flat against the door. That’s it! My favorite part about this craft is that I can use one this year and use the other side next year! Or who knows… I may be so indecisive that I change it every few days until Halloween! That totally sounds like me. 😊

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