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Velvet Pumpkin Placecard Holders

You’ve probably noticed that velvet pumpkins are still a BIG thing this fall. You’ve also probably noticed that if you want to include them in your decor, you will need to be prepared to either pay a lot of dollars, or attempt to make them yourself. But if you’re not much of a seamstress, the idea of sewing your own may be overwhelming. Plus, drying out real pumpkin stems?! Sheesh. I had all of these same thoughts before I decided to think of a less complicated and less expensive way to get some velvet pumpkins in my life! And that’s when it hit me… placecard holders!

Here is what you will need to make these little cuties for your next fall gathering. 

Let’s start with the stems. You’ll need to pull the plastic stems out of your mini pumpkins. Using an X-acto blade, very carefully split the plastic stem down the middle about two thirds of the way down to make the opening for your cards. I found it easiest to start with a shorter cut, stabbing the point of the blade in and then pressing firmly down, then gradually making the cut longer towards the base of the stem. Once all of your stems are cut, use your gold paint pen to color the part of the stem gold. You can hold the prickly part of the stem that goes into the pumpkin while you paint all the way around, which is super convenient! Set your stems aside. 

Now the pumpkins. First, cut your fabric into circles with about 5-6 inches in diameter. Then using your hot glue, make a thin and flat line of glue around the top side of the pumpkin and stick it down to the middle, under side of the velvet circle. Next, find the least stretchy direction of your fabric. You can do this by pulling on each side at the same time and turn and pull until you see that the fabric doesn’t stretch there. Dab the bottom of the pumpkin with a small bead of hot glue whereever the non-stretching side will reach, then pull the fabric to it and hold it until it stays. Repeat on the opposite side.

After the parts that don’t stretch are glued down, it’s much more simple to pull and glue the fabric to the bottom. I worked by glueing one side, then the opposite, then turned the pumpkin 90 degrees and repeated until all the fabric was gathered and glued. You also may need to trim a tiny bit at the end if there is any excess fabric. 

Finish them off poking your stems back through the top. Your velvet will be hiding the hole, but it was pretty simple to find it when you feel for it since the panne is thin. Speaking of thin panne, if you decide to go with a white velvet, you will want to use a white pumpkin or paint your pumpkin with white acrylic paint before starting, which is what I did. That’s it! I found that 2 inch by 3 inch cards are a good fit for these and I think a craft brown cardstock looks great! This was so seriously fast too! Once I did one, it took like maybe 5ish minutes per pumpkin. I hope y’all like them! Tag me in your photos if you make them for yourself. I can’t wait to see these on the table for Thanksgiving.

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