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DIY Paint By Number

This DIY holds a special place in my heart because it features my sweet little fur baby, Pickle. She is my nearly perfect, sweet angel mini-dachshund. She’s the oldest of my dogs. I know she won’t be around forever (though I try not to think about that), so I thought it would be nice to make something special that I would be able to keep and display for years to come. 

I decided to create a paint by number portrait of her. It was really pretty simple to create that I might even do more for friends and family gifts. And the best part is that you need very little supplies to make your own! 

To start, I found the picture I wanted to use of Pickle. I opened it in photoshop and cropped it to the size I wanted (one that I knew would fit in a standard frame). As an optional step, I used the lasso and paint brush tools to color in all of the background details in a solid color that would make the painting match in my living room’s color palette. 

Then I went to, uploaded my photo, selected 9 colors from the image, and then clicked the convert button. It took it a while and so I had to be patient, but eventually it popped up! Then I clicked and saved all of the image options that it had. That included a filled in version of the paint-by-number, an outline of the image with marked numbers, and a numbered color palette. 

After printing out all three of the downloads, I gathered the paints that I needed and a few sizes of small brushes. I used masking tape around the edge of the painting but realized after the fact that it was unnecessary since I could have just cut it down to start.

I ended up using the smallest brush for everything except the background color. I started with the colors that had the smallest shapes, light gray, then dark gray, followed by light brown, then medium brown, and light green last. After doing all of those colors, it was a lot of filling in with black and the emerald green/teal. 

I was so surprised at how quickly I finished the whole thing. It took around 2 hours and it was totally worth it. I love how it turned out and can’t wait to add it to my living room gallery wall!

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