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Eye’m Awake Mugs

You’ve probably seen about a million paint pen / Sharpie mugs if you are a regular Pinterest-er. But this isn’t like a regular mug craft… it’s a cool mug craft. Just kidding. They’re all pretty cool. And there’s a reason this craft is so popular. It’s simple, cheap, fun, and fast! Plus, the creative possibilities are endless guys. So I wanted to do a design that felt modern, graphic, and right in line with my style. 

Lately, I’ve been loving all the cool patterns and decor using these eye graphics. I found this art print one day and totally fell in love! And then I realized how doing a similar design on a mug made PERFECT sense! And also perfectly described my level of awake-ness depending on how much of my morning cup I’ve had. My coffee need is REAL real in the AM. I bet lots of y’all can relate and I hope you love this as much as I do. 

Here’s the breakdown. You need a dollar store mug (or two), paper or cardstock, scissors, paint pens, (a ruler, if you’re type a like me) and an oven. I folded small pieces of paper and cut half circles on the folded edge to make sure I was good with the size of the eyes. 

I drew a straight line down the middle of the white mug (to make sure they were all aligned) and traced the shapes of the smaller eyes, evenly spaced, in pencil. I also drew a vertical line on my small stencil to line it up with my mug line. For the clear mug, I had to just use paint pen to get the shape and cleaned up the outline once I had a guideline to follow. You don’t have to be as exact if you’re going for a looser look or are just really good at eyeballing it (see what I did there?!). Here is what they looked like after that step. 

After that, I used black and gold paint pens to finish drawing the designs on the mugs. And finally, I put both mugs on a baking sheet, then set the oven to 350. When it was finished preheating, I set a timer for 30 minutes. Then I let them cool off in the oven for a while before bringing them out to finish cooling. 

And that’s it! Like I said… easy peasey. Something about these finished mugs feels a more modern to me than some of the Sharpie mugs I’ve seen before and I love that! They would be the perfect gift for the coffee (or tea) addict in your life. What do you guys think?!

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