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Color Changing Slime

I know the slime trend has been around for a while now, but I hasn’t gotten a chance to make some of my own. So I made a plan to go to my sisters so that I could make some with my littlest niece this past weekend. I knew I wanted to make some with glitter, but I also wanted to try some that changed colors! So last week, I got all of the materials below pulled together and patiently waited for Saturday to come.

School Glue (white & clear)
Liquid Starch
Thermochromic Pigment
Food Coloring
Extra Fine Glitter
Jars for Finished Slimes (plastic baggies work fine too!)

The first batch was a fail. I made the mistake of letting my niece (who is 3 and a half) add the food coloring. She squeezed so much into the mixture that already had the blue thermochromic pigment, which was suppose to be a purple slime was not at all purple. In fact, after it was finished and I tried to call it purple, she accurately corrected me with “that not purple, that brown.” After that, she was on stirring duty only which she was fine with as long as she had some finished slime to play with while I did the other steps each time.

Here are the steps! For the color changing slime, start with a 1/4 cup of white glue, add a tablespoon of water to thin it out a little, mix in 1 tablespoon of thermochromic pigment and 4 or 5 drops of food coloring. Once that is all mixed, start adding your liquid starch. I added a little bit at a time until it stopped sticking to my hands (I would also recommend wearing disposable rubber gloves). When it gets all stringy and separating, you will think you’ve added too much and ruined it. You haven’t. Just keep smushing and mixing and eventually it will fuse together again. I added between 1/4 cup and 2/3 of a cup of starch to each batch. For the glitter slime, I used clear glue and the same amounts of everything except the thermochromic pigment. I thought I could get away with using less (it’s not cheap for how much you get), but you can tell below in the finished products that the glitter versions, that have less pigment, don’t have as dramatic of a color change when heated.

We ended up making 5 different kinds which I listed out in more detail below.

  1. Purple to Blue Slime : 1/4 Cup White Glue, 1 Tablespoon Pink Thermochromic Pigment, 4-5 Drops Blue Food Coloring
  2. Teal to Yellow(ish) Slime : 1/4 Cup White Glue, 1 Tablespoon Yellow Thermochromic Pigment, 2-3 Drops Yellow Food Coloring (not really enough)
  3. Green to Yellow Glitter Slime : 1/4 Cup Clear Glue, 1 Teaspoon Blue Thermochromic Pigment, 2 Teaspoons Turquoise Glitter,4-5 Drops Yellow Food Coloring
  4. Red to Yellow Glitter Slime : 1/4 Cup Clear Glue, 1 Teaspoon Pink Thermochromic Pigment, 2 Teaspoons Pink Glitter, 4-5 Drops Yellow Food Coloring
  5. Pink Glitter Slime : 1/4 Cup Clear Glue, 2 Teaspoons Pink Glitter (didn’t change color, still super pretty and fun)
Overall, it was super fun and my niece loved it! If I were to make them again, I would probably try the glitter ones with more thermochromic pigment and try out some different color changing combos. For now though, I am a little slimed out. BUT! I am trying to think of what other fun projects I can do with my remaining pigment powder! Let me know if you guys have any ideas! I have heard of people adding it to nail polish even!

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