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Freebie : Fall Gallery

I have heard many times from friends that they have a particular wall in their home that they want to do a gallery wall on, but they are just too overwhelmed by the thought of gathering all of the different pieces to include. I totally get it! I usually begin by telling them that they can always start with an arrangement of frames that they like and then fill in with photos and prints little by little. That is one of the great things about gallery walls! They can always evolve as you become tired of certain pieces, fall in love with something new, or even just change with the seasons! A simple collection of standard size frames is a perfect place to start. And of course, if want something more in depth about tips for larger, more eclectic galleries, you can check out this post and this one too.

You can find a lot of great free printable art out there (I have some saved on the Type Aly Pinterest), but the tricky part, that I mentioned can be overwhelming, can be putting them together into a cohesive grouping. So, I wanted to create a set for you guys that eliminated that guess work. All of these printables are standard frame sizes of 8×10 or 5×7 and are set up so that you can use them even if your frames don’t have mats! I used this frame set from Wayfair as a guideline to make it even easier! Just order that frame set, download the file below, print, then cut, and get to hangin’! Your very own fall gallery wall.

I also wanted to make this set work for those of you that may want something seasonal for fall, but not too over the top fall, just in case you decide to leave it up year round. I personally think the woodsy feel of these would be perfect for your adventurous little boy or girl’s room, a vacation lodge, or a cozy library nook. You can download the PDF with all of the printables by clicking the image below. And one last thing! Nothing would make me happier than to see these babies up in your home! You can tag @TypeAly on your photos on all social media and use the hashtag #totallytypealy. Maybe if it turns out that y’all really love this set, I could make it a regular thing here! What do you think?!

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