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Light Lab : Los Angeles

As promised, this is post number two from my recent trip to LA! I wanted to share with you guys some of the crazy cool interiors of the space that we shot in. The photo studio that we booked was called Light Lab. When you are standing in the space, it’s easy to understand why they would name it that. There are several sky lights that let a ton of beautiful natural light in, plus two large bay doors for even more light, that I’m sure are often open on the typical amazing Los Angeles weather. It was unseasonably hot while we were there, and we were shooting a lot of ice cream, so we had to keep those closed.

The space is one large, completely open space, but with several different areas that all feature a nice eclectic mix of textiles and furniture pieces. They are not only stylish, but also comfortable. With all of the models, stylists, and those of us on the production side of things, there were quite a lot of people, and these various spots to hang out were invaluable! I found myself taking way too many photos. The style of the studio is so instagrammable down to the tiniest of details. There are gold details sprinkled throughout from this amazing raw edge, gilded coffee table to these totally glam brass counter stools.

It really captured my heart with the unexpected pops of pink everywhere! The pink tufted chair is a fantastic statement piece, but you can also see pale pink in the wall art and side door. You might think that is it, but then you walk into the bathroom, and the walls are COVERED in this incredible pink marbled paper. It will make you gasp and then immediately grab your phone to snap a photo (or a dozen). The surface finishes are just as well curated. There is this great concrete floor, exposed brick, geometric tiles, marble and natural wood. All of my favorites!!!

I could go on and on about all of the details, but I took so many photos so that you guys could see for yourself. Make sure you check out their website too because I didn’t get a good photo of the kitchen, and it is definitely worth seeing too! I know that I will for sure be looking back at all of these pictures for inspiration and I hope that they inspire you all too!

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