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Lifestyle Shoot : LA

Another one of the super fun things that I get to do for work is art directing and/or producing photo shoots. Since Norton is an agency that focuses on the restaurant hospitality world, the subjects of these shoots are generally delicious items from their menus. But this shoot was just a little different! One of our clients, Friendly’s, was looking for photos that were focused on how their brand and products brought happiness to their guests. To convey that, the images would need to capture people interacting with their food in a fun way, and we were given the task of working out all of the details to make it happen.

We started by presenting an overall look that was really fresh and that would align with their branding, along with a couple of recommendations for photographers that we knew could achieve that desired style. I was absolutely ECSTATIC when they not only loved the look, but also chose our top choice photographer, Jeff Mindell. We had even included a couple of Jeff’s portfolio photos in the original presentation because his signature style is the fun, bright, candy minimal look that we wanted. It couldn’t have been a better fit!

In the weeks leading up to the shoot, we worked to arrange all of the production details. We booked a food stylist, a wardrobe stylist, hair and makeup stylists, models, and a photo studio to shoot in (stay tuned for a later post about that beautiful space). Then I got to work choosing background colors, wardrobe pieces, makeup looks, hair styles, and all of the other details like what models would be shot with what food item and so on. I organized all of the info, shot by shot and page by page, into a production book that all of us would use to get prepped and as a guide during the shoot.

There were some calls and some meetings to get everything coordinated, and before I knew it, it was shoot day! I gotta be honest with you guys, I really had to keep my fan girl in check while working with Jeff. Not only have I been a long time follower of his social media and fan of his work, but he also just happens to be married to none other than Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY who is such a HUGE inspiration to me in so many ways. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you guys this, but following this couple on ALL of the social media outlets is an absolute must! They are just adorable, funny, charming, creative, and generally just awesome.

At the end of the day, thanks to the many talented people that were involved, the shoot was a huge success! The client was so happy with all the fantastic moments that Jeff captured, and working with him was such an amazing experience. He was just as talented as I expected, but was also so patient, humble, and friendly. He even introduced me to me to Kelly and baby Arlo when they stopped by for a few minutes, which was seriously the cherry on top of an already ridiculously incredible day!

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