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Confetti Jewelry Box

I can’t tell you guys how much I love projects that don’t require hardly anything to make like this one! My niece, Carys, is having her 6th birthday today and I wanted to share the gift that I made for her with you guys!

The one big thing she asked for was to get her ears pierced and so I knew she would need her very own big girl jewelry box. Now, she isn’t your typical girly girl for the most part. She is just a fun loving ball of energy with a big personality… That sometimes likes to dress up if she thinks it will impress her big sister or make someone else laugh. So I wanted this personalized gift to reflect all of that!

I started by buying this jewelry box on Amazon. I also typed up her name in a font I liked at various sizes so that I would have options, and then printed them out on cardstock. Once I picked the size that would fit best in the spot I chose, I used my X-Acto knife to carefully cut it out while making sure to leave the counter spaces of the letters attached by little uncut pieces.

Next, I taped the stencil I just created in place, and gathered up the paint pens I wanted to use. I used white to get the outline of her name first, removed the stencil, and then filled in the name. Then it was time for the fun part! Starting at each corner and spreading out as I went, I drew various confetti shapes while alternating colors and leaving some outlined and some filled in.

I did the four corners on the top of the box and then just the top two of the front of the box. I finished it off by mixing in tiny dots and X’s in between all of the bigger shapes. I just love how well it represents her personality and I can’t wait to see how she likes it!

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