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Eyelash Perm Kit

I am so excited to tell you about this guys! So here’s the deal, somehow my left eye’s lashes have been sabotaging my makeup routine for like the last year or so. I have a theory about why. I sleep on the left side of my face most nights, and I think that must be the time that my lashes do their growing because they seem to not be able to decide which direction to grow in. Basically, my left eyelashes and I have some serious words every morning, and to be honest my right eye’s lashes aren’t much better. They’ve always been just kind of generally short and thin. Now, I am a PRO at applying strip lashes which I try to only use for events and such, so that I don’t pull out any of my precious natural lashes. And while I would LOVE to get lash extensions, ain’t nobody got time (or money) for that!

So when I finally decided to look into what the results could look like if I were to PERM my lashes, I was pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference it made. Which brings me to today’s post. I did some YouTube research and decided to buy this kit on Amazon. There are plenty of other kits like this one out there, but I honestly picked this one based on price and the fact that it would get to me quickly (I can be a little impatient). So let’s get into how everything worked out!

This is what came in the kit. Well there are a few bottles of each like you can see in the link image, but this is the gist. I will start by saying that the directions were not clear AT ALL. There was no mention of how to apply the white rods or the pink thingies to your eyes. And I still don’t know what that clear plastic, eyebrow shaped tool is, but I assume they think you will use it as a spatula of sorts. I did not. Now I started trying to use the pink silicone pieces since that is what I saw in all of the YouTube videos, but I could not get them to stick to my lids for the life of me. I just ended up with super sticky eyelids and without the ability to blink. After cleaning all of the glue off, I went with the white rods next. These were MUCH easier. They are already incredibly stick and stayed in place while I worked to get them stuck in each part of my lid curve. After they were on, I carefully pressed my lashes, from the base up, onto the white rods. The rest was smooth sailing! I applied each solution with a q-tip. Pink for 10 minutes, then blue for 10, yellow for 5, and cleaned them off with the clear solution last. Once your lashes are wet with the clear solution, the white rod un-sticks no problem. You’ll have to clean up your lids and lashes a little more with the cleanser after that, and you’re good to go. I didn’t actually wash my face after for fear of the curl falling out, but waiting until the next morning and that seemed to be fine (again, nothing in the instruction about that). You can see the before, during, after, and after with mascara below.

I am such a fan of DIY beauty treatments and this is no exception. I think that what they charge at salons for most treatments and services is totally outrageous. This was about $15 and I have enough for 7 more applications! It says that the curl will last 2 to 3 months, but with as simple and quick as it was, I wouldn’t even mind if it lasted half that time. Let me know if you guys try out this or another kit! I hope you are as happy with your results as I am!

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