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Solar Eclipse Party

Even though we won’t have another eclipse until 2024 I think, I just had to share this fun little mini-party that we had at work to commemorate the eclipse. This was the brain child of one of my co-workers, Halie, and turned into a collaborative effort. Now, being in Houston meant we would only be able to see about 66% coverage since we weren’t in an area that was in the path. So you would think we wouldn’t have a hard time finding eclipse glasses for our small group of 16 in the office. Wrong. Halie checked multiple Houston stores and online to snag us some glasses, and we only ended up with a total of 4 pairs.

But we do not give up easily! Halie and I determined that we could take the glasses apart and cut each eye’s film piece in 2 to get us to 16! We had a plan. Halie and our other co-worker pasted emoji sun and moon faces to white, paper plated, and then cut out one of the eyes in each. Then Halie and I taped the half-eye film pieces to the other side and voila! Everyone had a safe way to look at the eclipse!

Everyone else chipped in by bringing foods and treats that were solar eclipse themed, and when it was time, we all gathered together to see what all the fuss was about! It was quite the instagrammable moment to see everyone with their plate faces on. Just super cute and hilarious. And as an extra bonus, they doubled as fans! Did you guys do anything fun for the eclipse?

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