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The Envoy : Boston

A while back, I took a quick trip to Boston for some work research. Now, I have been to Boston and surrounding areas several times, but this time in particular, I stayed at The Envoy Hotel. Unlike some of the other basic hotel accommodations that I have stayed at in Massachusetts, this one really stood apart. First of all, it’s right off the water, it’s right outside of the heart of downtown Boston, and it is just a quick drive from the airport. All of that is great of course, but let me tell you why I loved it. Let’s start with the lobby. The furniture in the lobby is just super cool. With a mix of plush, modern, and funky pieces it just has a very eclectic vibe. The finishes are also nice touches. There is a marble like Neolith covering sections of the walls with oversized typographic graphics overlaying them. The ceiling has this cool geometric configuration of wood panels and linear lights, and scattered around all of the sitting area tables, are wooden connect four games! I ended up in the lobby every morning either grabbing coffee from the bar area or just hanging out waiting for my Uber, and it was just so comfortable and fun. I always felt like I was seeing something new.

Next, the art. The wall art throughout the hotel is very diverse and interesting. The main lobby features this paint-by-number style face painted on repurposed VHS tapes. Swoon! I LOVE PAINT BY NUMBER Y’ALL. Then on each floor there is a different unique art piece. On my floor, the word Life was spelled out with these little lined up, 3-dimensional people and painted the same color as the wall. The painting in the room is a little less interesting, but I still loved it. The more impactful art piece inside my room (in my opinion) was the film that was a dual purpose, art and privacy film on the outer glass of the shower, showcasing pieces of Massachusetts maps, overlapping and fading in and out, and then color blocked in gray and yellow. So freakin’ cool.

Let’s talk a little more about the room shall we? It had such a clean, modern aesthetic, without being too masculine or too feminine. The furniture and light fixtures were just so perfect. My favorite part ever though was that the TV was connected to a bike! I thought about not mentioning this detail since I didn’t get a good picture, but I figured I would leave something to surprise you if you ever find yourself there. Or of course you can google it if you like ruining surprises! Anyway, the moral of the post is that if you find yourself in the Boston area, be sure to consider staying at The Envoy. Especially if you are a design or art nerd like me!


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