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Sheepskin Rug Hack

After I got the floors done in the two bathrooms, I started thinking about all the things I wanted to do next. Top of that list is updating the counter tops, but since I’m not ready to spend the time or money on that project, I decided to do some smaller things to make the upstairs bathroom feel more pulled together. I knew that this meant I got to make a trip to one of my favorite place, IKEA. I started off by getting some of their glass storage jarsΒ in various sizes, that I filled with up with my stash of mini toiletries that I always snag from various hotels, along with q-tips and cotton rounds for the smaller jars. I also bought this cute, solid wood stool there that I am in love with, and lastly threw two of these faux sheepskin rugs in the cart.

I have been wanting a sheepskin rug SOMEWHERE in the house for a while now, but having it downstairs in any of the main areas seems a little impractical with the dogs. So I knew it would be a perfect addition in the less used guest bathroom! I liked how the edges of the rugs looked, but didn’t like that they had one straight edge or how short they were on their own. So I decided to sew them together on their straight edges to make one long rug that would reach from the front of one sink to the other. I could have busted out the sewing machine (even though I am by no means a seamstress), but I wanted to make sure that the fur fibers didn’t get too smushed down by the stitching making it evident that it was two rugs that had been connected. So I just used a little larger needle and some white thread to sew them together being careful not to get too much fur stuck under the stitches. It was a little more tedious this way, but I think it was worth it because you can hardly see the seam at all! Such an easy little project, but makes such a big difference in the room. Stay tuned for more updates on this and the downstairs bathroom because, trust me, I have A LOT of plans πŸ™‚

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