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Painted Vows Wall Decor

I had a friend commission me to create a custom piece of wall decor for over her bed. She is a newly wed, and had the idea that she wanted to have an oversized canvas (5 feet wide to be exact) that had their vows painted onto it. I started by laying out the text on my computer at the right aspect ratio, in a font that my friend liked. Then I setup my little projector with the image displayed, and adjusted it until it lined up with the surface and edges of the canvas. Next, I used a pencil to trace each of the words onto the canvas. Then began the work of painting everything on. Since the canvas was pre-primed (definitely the way to go btw), it was ready to be painted on without any prep. I bought a mid level, black acrylic paint, and a pack of acrylic brushes in various sizes. I ended up using one of the smaller sized brushes for the whole thing since there were some thin strokes in this particular font. I found that outlining the letters first and then filling them in was the easiest way to work.

I worked a little at a time and in sections. I sat on the floor so that I could reach and started with the top left quarter of the canvas. I followed that with the top right quarter and when that was dry, I turned the canvas over and worked left to right again, but upside down. When all the words were painted on and dry, I used an art eraser to clean up any stray pencil lines from the tracing. And that’s it! I absolutely LOVE the way that it turned out. I especially love that it has more character than if it had just been printed on. Each letter is a little different, and when you get up close, you can see some of the raised paint and brush strokes. But what makes me MOST happy is how much my friend loves it and what a sweet reminder it is to them of their wedding day.

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