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White Trash Bash

So I have to say, this one one of the most fun I’ve ever had planning a party. It also just so happens to be one of the most budget friendly parties I have ever thrown. And I’m so excited to tell you guys about it! My boyfriend celebrated his 30th birthday recently, and I decided that I wanted to throw him a surprise party. My cousin’s wife threw my cousin a white trash bash too to surprise him for his 40th, it was such a hit, and I knew that my boyfriend would love it too.

For food, I bought all the worst junk food I could find. Think of the food you ate in college before you had to watch your calories, or maybe just think of all the bad foods you wanted as a kid, but your mom never allowed. That’s a good place to start! Cheese balls are a must. Then there’s easy cheese and ritz, bean dip, funyuns and off brand doritos, and slim jims. For the cake, I stacked up a bunch of snack cakes into a hostess masterpiece. Twinkies, swiss rolls, zebra cakes, and ho-hos. Then I stuck a cake topper on top featuring a picture of Joe Dirt with my boyfriend’s face photoshopped onto it as the crowning glory.

For drinks, I bought a bunch of off brand sodas, a case of Keystone Light, and some Busch beer and kept them on ice in an inflatable kiddie pool on the back patio. For the decor, I strung together red solo cups together and used them as streamers to hang all around inside and on the patio. I bought a mugshot lineup backdrop online and bunch of photo props. I bought all of the styrofoam plateware, plastic utensils, and a pack of red and white checkered table cloths at the dollar store. Overall, it cost very little for everything that I got! Sadly, I didn’t get nearly as many pictures as I would have liked, but here are a few shots of the festivities.

Best part of all was how surprised he was and just how much fun he had. I know it will forever be a hilarious story for us to tell and he will never forget it.

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