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Halloween Boo Bash

So I know it’s only August, but can you really blame me for already getting amped up for Halloween?! Of course not! So a while back, I got to plan a little client appreciation event for work for our local clients. It was October, so of course it had to be Halloween themed. The party was centered around one of my favorite October past times… pumpkin decorating! We knew that pumpkin decorating may not be everyone else’s favorite past time, so we scoured the internet for different decorating ideas, and used the images to create little inspiration cards with the necessary supplies listed and some basic instructions. We headed out to our favorite craft stores to buy all of the supplies that were needed for the different ideas, and at the same time, hit up the dollar section at Target for some table decorations and halloween candy to scatter around the center pieces. We ordered some cute pumpkin shaped cookies for favors, and bought all the necessary ingredients, including dry ice, for our Mr. Hyde’s Potion from HGTV. Buying the pumpkins had to wait until the day before so that they would stay as fresh as possible. Since several of the inspiration cards featured pumpkins that were spray painted in solid black or white, we gathered about a third of the pumpkins for each color, and spray painted them the day before so that they would be dry and ready to be decorated. I love how even the undecorated pumpkins look so cute all stacked up together. All of our clients, my coworkers, and I had the best time, and we all left with adorable pumpkins that they got to show off on their front porch. I think that this kind of party would be a great girls night party in October too… maybe with fewer pumpkins though.


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