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Heart Maps Wall Art

When I found out that one of my longest ever friends was getting married, I wanted to make something special for her and her soon to be husband. My friend and her now husband are both teachers in South Korea which is where they met. Since I was going to be giving whatever gift I made to them while they were here in Texas celebrating their engagement, I wanted it to be something that would easily travel back with them. I decided that I would make them a piece of art that was personalized to them and their love story.

I found map images from both of their home towns online and printed them out in heart shapes on heavier stock white paper. Then I printed their married names at the top of a pieces of 8.5×11, letter sized paper. Next, I cut the craft paper down to 8×10 so that they would be able to frame the finished product. I would have framed it normally, but didn’t want the frame to brake in transit. Lastly, I used spray adhesive on the back of the two heart pieces, and attached them to the 8×10 craft page. They loved it so much, and now it hangs in their home in South Korea. A sweet reminder of where they both came from and the start of their life together.

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