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Freck : Faux Freckles

Freckles are adorable, am I right? I have plenty of friends that have lots of freckles and will disagree with me, but I have always loved the way freckle-filled faces look. I get sparsely placed freckles on the sides of my face near my ears and a few on my shoulders, but that’s about it. Not the kind that bridge across your cheeks and nose. So when I heard about the kickstarter to fund this makeup product called Freck, I was intrigued. As soon as I could, I signed up for their e-club with the promise that I would get an early start to order when they launched the product. When I got the email, I was so excited and I ordered very quickly. Then I patiently waited until it came in the mail.

Here are some of my first impressions. My very first thought was… WTH! The bottle is so TINY! Like less than 2 inches in length. That being said, I learned quickly that a little goes a long way with the product, so I think it is a reasonable amount. After I applied them (which was also pretty fun to do) I was SO impressed with how real my faux freckles looked after my very first application. There was pretty much no learning curve. It was very simple to apply and very hard to mess it up. I also got so many compliments too! A small warning, they do leave the tip of your finger brown on whatever finger you use to blot them which is hard to get off, so there’s that, but not too big of a big deal. I also like how they fade off gradually throughout the day in a really natural looking way.

Overall, I totally love the product! I have really enjoyed it. It is perfect too for days you want to wear less makeup and look young and fresh faced. Also, I think they are working on expanding the product with different colors, so I’m excited about that. On a small side note, I’ll be honest, I did feel a little slighted after following their brand for so long prior to their launch because when I posted a picture of my first application to my Instagram and Facebook, tagging them and using their hashtag; I got no response, re-gram, or mention whatsoever which made me feel a little let down as a fan of the product. So while I still love the product, I do feel a little less connected to the brand. I hope one of you guys try it out and let me know how you feel about Freck!

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