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The Warwick : Philadelphia

I have been to Philadelphia several times, and this is one of my favorite places to stay when I am there. The Warwick Hotel sits in downtown Philly and has a bunch of cool little restaurants within a short walking distance which is definitely a bonus. The rooms are alright, nothing to write home about, but there are two things, other than the location, that make me love this place. One, the lobby is very cool. The walls and a large central rug feature lines of type that seem to be from a book or something. I tried to google it by typing in several of the lines, but couldn’t find out where it came from. Regardless, I love the way it looks. The blue glow is also very cool. It’s also definitely helpful in identifying your stop when you are taking a taxi or Uber back to the hotel for the night. There is a bit of a disconnect in my opinion with some of the furniture (I’m looking at you, weird patchwork couches), but overall I still love it.

The second thing, and my FAVORITE thing about this hotel, is that the lobby is connected to Bluestone Lane coffee shop. One thing I can’t stand about traveling is having sub par, drip coffee with powder creamer in the morning because you don’t know where the closest good coffee place is. BL has always been quick and not crowded, and they have excellent cappuccinos and food! I definitely recommend the Avocado Smash. Plus it’s just super cute inside. When I’ve stayed there, I would alternate between sitting inside Bluestone to have my morning coffee and breakfast, or grabbing breakfast to go and going to sit and sip in the lobby while trying to read the walls. Have any of you guys ever been there?


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