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Charcoal Powder Toothpaste

So I admit it. I totally jumped on the bandwagon with the whole charcoal craze with this one. I have super sensitive teeth when it comes to bleaching products. I usually use Crest white strips on my teeth, which work great! But almost every time I use them, I get twinges of pain in my teeth for hours afterward. So, I wanted to try out this charcoal powder toothpaste and see if it really worked to whiten my teeth and if it had less side effects. I apologize about the extreme close up of my mouth (it even grosses me out a little and it’s my mouth), but I wanted to show you guys the up close and personal results! The first picture is after brushing with just regular toothpaste on a Sunday evening.

Monday morning I started using the powder. I wet a different toothbrush from the one I was using for my regular toothpaste, and then dipped it in the powder. Be careful guys, this stuff will get EVERYWHERE. You don’t want to wear what your wearing that day while you’re brushing your teeth. Just trust me. Then I started brushing. Now don’t be alarmed. You WILL look like a straight up zombie… totally normal. After brushing thoroughly, I’d rinse out with water, and then brush my teeth again but with my normal brush and toothpaste. So I will say that this stuff totally works guys. The second picture is exactly one week of using this stuff. I was shocked at how well it worked and with no tooth sensitivity too.

So most people I talked to about this asked how it tasted. Even though this says “peppermint” it tastes like nothing to me. Not bad and not good. And for sure I would say to designate a toothbrush for this stuff separate from your usual one because that toothbrush will be black no matter how well you rinse it. The one downside to this stuff for me is just how messy it is. I usually had to spend a couple minutes wiping up in and around the sink every morning, but for me, that is a small price to pay for a more gentle, natural teeth whitening product!

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