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Fat Biscuit : Interior Design

I can’t tell you how fulfilling it is to work with my team at Norton to build a complete brand from the ground up. Often times, restaurant and hospitality companies will need our help with evolving an existing brand identity or they may need us to help with a refreshed interior standard that will be applied to a soon-to-open new location. But it isn’t that often that we get to start completely from scratch with a brand spankin’ new brand. So when we began working on the Fat Biscuit project, we were so excited that the possibilities were endless.

We knew that the brand in a nutshell was going to be Southern-inspired, comfort food and that some aspect of that needed to be translated to the interior design, but there were no other restraints for how creative we could get with it. We have some of the most talented word-smiths on our team, and before getting started on any of the visuals for the brand, they began working on the foundation of what everything else would be built on… The brand pillars and brand story. During that part of the process, I began working on potential logo designs and started to wrap my head around what would make sense for the interiors.

We knew that we wanted to set this brand apart from what some other “southern comfort food” brands were doing, and opted for a cleaner, modernized take on a farmhouse look while throwing in some custom decor features that were totally unexpected. The next step was to nail down all of the specifics for paint colors, fabrics, furniture pieces, flooring, wall finishes, signage, and decor elements. All the while, considering what it would take for everything to be executed and how it would work together.

When all of those decisions were made, we began to work feverishly to bring everything to life for the first location. Starting with placing all necessary orders, then coordinating with the general contractor during build out, and finishing out in the days leading up to opening by installing many of the custom decor elements by hand (which is always my favorite part). Not long after the first location opened in North Conway, NH, plans were put in place to open the second location in Lynnfield, MA. So we worked together again to make sure that this location aligned with the brand look and feel that we had set in place for the flagship location.

Both locations feature gallery walls of cast iron cookware, grids of concrete eggs, restroom markers made of carefully placed nails, rolling pin partitions, and large wooden quilt walls. The black, white, and gray palette have a modern feel, while the pops of sunshine yellow sprinkled throughout bring a feeling of happiness to the space. When all was said and done, it was certainly a lot of work, but seeing this brand grow from infancy all the way to having multiple locations was one of the best and most rewarding experiences ever. Oh, and in true Southern fashion, the food is pretty freakin’ amazing too.

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