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Gender Reveal Cake Pops

When one of my very best friends decided that she wanted her baby shower to be a gender reveal, I was excited. But when she told me that the theme would center around the Super Bowl that just happened to be that same day, I was BEYOND pumped! Then began the brainstorming! She told me she was thinking she wanted to something that played off of the idea of Team Girl vs Team Boy, and that’s when we knew that the perfect center piece for her food table would be a football field filled with cake pop players. She got to work assembling the field using a sheet of green foam, white tape, and popsicle sticks for the goal posts. At the same time, I got to work designing the printed pieces that we taped onto the field and tiny little jerseys for the “players” that featured their team names.

The cake pops were very straight forward. We cooked a standard yellow cake and crumbled it after it was baked and cooled. Next, we mixed in vanilla cake icing until it was the right consistency to roll into balls and stick onto their sticks. They each got a coating of melted white almond bark with food coloring to mixed in to make then skin colored. Once dry, faces and baby curls were drawn on using an edible marker. The tiny jerseys were cut out and small slits were made where I had marked with little dots. And finally, we slid the the jerseys onto each stick before arranging the teams on the field.

My friend even made some cake balls to represent the stadium crowd that had milk chocolate coating, rainbow sprinkles, and tiny toothpick flags, which really pulled the whole thing together. The field was a huge hit with all of the party-goers. Everyone loved getting to choose a cake pop from the team that they hoped would be the champion, and in the end… TEAM GIRL WON! Woo hoo! I was rooting for them all along 🙂

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