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Milk Bottle Decor

Ok guys, so are you ready for pretty much the easiest DIY decor ever? These milk bottles are so cute to decorate a kitchen and the style of the wood carrier make it feel like it could easily go into any style of interiors space, from true farmhouse style to modern cottage style.

All you need for this are 3 supplies… Clear bottles of your choice (mine came from Hobby Lobby), a wooden caddy (mine again was from Hobby Lobby), and a small bottle or tube of cheap white acrylic paint. All that you do is squeeze some of your white paint into the bottom of the bottles, being careful not to let the paint stream hit the sides when your squeezing. Then tilt and rotate your bottle until the level of “milk” is as high as you want it. After that, continue to rotate to cover all of the areas under where you want the level to stop. You may need to lightly tap the sides or bottom of the bottle to make the paint move where you want it. If you want a more semi-transparent look, you can add a little water to your paint before adding it to the bottle. All that’s left to do after that is let it dry, put it in your caddy, and put that adorable caddy on display!

This particular caddy is featured on the mantle of one of the interior spaces that I was lead designer on at the ‘ole 9-5 at Norton Creative. It is a restaurant called Fat Biscuit, and this was it’s first location in North Conway, New Hampshire. I am planning on featuring the whole project in a post very soon, so stay tuned!

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