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Beaver’s : Interior Design

It’s time for another interior design project feature! Are you guys excited?! This project is very near to my heart because there were just so many cool curated pieces I got to shop around for, and the overall aesthetic was just super fun to design. Beaver’s was planning on opening their second location in the Houston area, and partnered with us at Norton to design the interiors for the space that was almost four times larger than the original location. Many times when we work on a new project, we put together a mood board to display some of our big ideas, furniture, fixtures, specific finishes that we envision, and how they all work together to create a cohesive concept idea. We presented all of these ideas and after getting the green light, we couldn’t have been more fired up. We worked next to develop a coordinating updated logo and brand aesthetic, and then began the process of nailing down all of the specifics for furniture and decor.

The overall vibe we wanted the space to have was very cool and campy. Think Wes Anderson movie. Due to the size of the property, we knew that it would be important to separate the space into different smaller areas including the lobby, the den (an adults only lounge), the main dining room, an outdoor courtyard, and the party barn (a separate side building that opens up to the courtyard). And each sub-space has it’s own unique features that will catch your eye. We pitched ideas for a giant Beaver sculpture at the entrance to act as a landmark as opposed to a traditional sign, a wall covered in different species of wood slices, a big paint-by-number mural wall, an exterior wall with a punny saying, a vintage 1945 Spartan camper-turned-outdoor-bar, and some really off the wall restrooms (pink walls in the men’s and yellow in the women’s), among other crazy ideas. We got to see each of our ideas come to life one by one, and fell more in love with every one. One of my favorite parts of the whole project was getting to hand-curate the crazy mix of wall decor for the restroom vestibule which you can read more about in my teaser post about Beaver’s here.

I could go on and on about all of the interesting things that you can see at Beaver’s and still not be able to really communicate just how cool it is! I hope that if you are from Houston and have the chance, that you will check this place out and grub on some delicious Texas BBQ while you’re there. And if you’re NOT from Houston, you should plan a trip here as soon as possible! But only if you plan to visit the city’s giant Beaver while you’re here of course.

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