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Margarita Cake Pops

These mini rita pops are the perfect addition for your next Cinco de Mayo shin dig or fiesta! They are one of my favorite cake pops that I have ever made too. If you want to make lime and strawberry ones like these, get ready to find out how! Start by baking one box each worth of strawberry cake and lemon cake (yes lemon). After your baked cakes cool, crumble them up into two separate bowls. Then you will need to add the moisture to the crumbs to be able to form them. For the strawberry rita pops, you can just add cake frosting which is fine, but if you want a fresh strawberry flavor, use less frosting and add finely chopped (smushy even) fresh strawberry. For the lime ritas, start with a little lime juice and fresh lime zest, and then add frosting to get them to the right consistency to be rolled into balls. PRO TIP! If you will be having these at an adults only party, you can add even less frosting and a touch of tequila! Just enough for an authentic margarita taste.

You will then need to chill them for a bit to make it easier to form. Next, you’re going to start forming the mixtures into balls. You can use a small (melon baller sized) scoop for uniform sizes, or you can just eyeball it of course. Just don’t make them too big or you could have trouble keeping them on their sticks. As you form each ball, have a cookie sheet covered in wax paper that you can press them onto to get the flat side that will be the top of the margaritas. Line up all of your half-sphere shapes on the cookie sheet, and stick on stick into each one. Then pop them back into the fridge to get chilled again.

While they are chilling you’ll need to get your coating ready. I would recommend melting white candy coating chips or almond bark, and adding gel food coloring to get a pink and green color that you are happy with. I feel like it is a little easier to get the color you want that way versus using candy melts which come in the color they are, but either way is fine! Put a layer of green and pink crystal sugar on two separate plates (clear works great too). Then you are ready to dip! Pull your pops out of the fridge. dip your lime flavored pops in your green candy coating, then press the flat side into the sugar, and lightly place them back on the wax-lined cookie sheet, flat side down. Repeat with your strawberry flavored pops and pink coating. Then set the cookie sheets aside. Set your left over pink and green coating bowls aside too.

The limes for the side will take a steady hand, but I have complete faith in you! You will need green candy melts like these. Carefully cut them in half until you have enough for all of your pops. Then melt some white almond bark and put it in a sandwich baggie or piping bag. Cut a super tiny hole in the end and on the flat side of your lime shapes, pipe around the edge and then a V in the middle. Once your limes and your pops are fully hardened, you will need to reheat your green and pink coating that you set aside earlier. You will need to carefully dip half of the flat edge of your lime shapes into the coating, then place them on the edge of the flat, sugar side of your pops. To present these upright like the ones here, you can use a piece of foam covered in wrapping or contact paper, or you can even poke holes in the top of a paper wrapped shoe box. And that’s it! I do need to prepare you though… don’t be alarmed by the squeals of delight from your party guests, as is usually the case with miniature things that are as cute as these treats.

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