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Princess Cookies

My boyfriend’s niece turned two and her mom decided that her party was going to be a princess tea party. When she told me, I knew I had to make the prettiest princess cookies for the prettiest little birthday girl! Luckily since I have three nieces and all things princess is now very much a part of my life, I already had all of these cookie cutters to work with! We ended up making princess slippers, castles, crowns, cupcakes, and gowns. My usual partner in crime when it comes to cookies, my sister, and I decided that we wanted to use vibrant pastel colors for the icing. We chose turquoise, lavender, yellow, pink, and white. We also wanted to add a little surprise to some of them, so when the icing was freshly piped, we pressed pastel colored M&Ms into the tips of the crowns, some of the cupcakes, and on the princess slippers. After they dried partially, we piped petals around the yellow ones to make them into flowers. During the party, it was really fun to see people in the middle of eating one of the cookies, realize that there were chocolates on them! It’s just the best when you can add something unexpected that surprises people. So tell me, what kind of cookies would YOU make for a princess tea party and what special something would you add to make them different?


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