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Beaver’s Gallery Wall

When I was working on this project, I posted an in progress photo online, and I cannot tell you how many of my friends made comments or had questions about it. This was an interiors and brand concept project that I got to create through my job at Norton. But as a preview to the post that I will be writing about the whole project, I wanted to tell you guys a little about my favorite part… The gallery wall. We laid out the floorplan of the space to have a hallway vestibule that led to the restrooms. As we often do with the restrooms of our interiors projects, we wanted the area to have something totally quirky and unexpected. We decided really quickly that we wanted the whole top section of the hallway wall to be covered in funky, tongue-and-cheek, campy, and even just plain weird decor pieces. I spent weeks and weeks scouring the internet for the perfect items. Some of the larger, 3-dimensional things ended up adorning the lobby shelves, but the majority went in the vestibule.

A handful of items (just frames really) came from bigger online retailers, but a large majority came from a long list of sellers on Etsy and Ebay. They are really the prime places to shop when you are looking for unique, funny, or bizarre things like I was. I collected books about beavers, semi-inappropriate cross stitches and needle points, old maps, clocks, photos, and prints. There are also antlers, paddles, mirrors, wood slices, and trivets. All of the photos and prints got framed and ready to be hung, and when all was said and done, we installed just over 50 pieces on the roughly 20 foot length wall. If you are in the Houston area, I hope you get the chance check this wall out yourself at Beaver’s on Westheimer. I promise at least one thing there will make you either laugh or at least say “huh?”

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