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Ralph Smith Studios : Houston

This is not like one of my typical interior design posts featuring a restaurant or a hotel due to the fact that this isn’t really a place that is open to walk in guests. But nonetheless, I’ve always loved it so much and I felt like it had to be featured. Plus, I am constantly inspired by spaces that I may never see in person, so I am sure some of y’all are the same way. Ralph Smith Photo Studio is a business that we get to work with for some of our restaurant clients. They specialize in food and drink photography, and Norton coordinates, then art directs the shoots that our clients need for their various menu and promotional items.

We really love working with the team at Ralph’s. They are a group of such amazing, talented people, and they really prioritize the comfort of the people that they work with. And it definitely shows in their interiors. Each area has been carefully setup to be not only functional for their team, but to also stylishly accomodate all of their clients comfortably. The studio features rows and rows of photo surfaces, backgrounds and props which you could spend hours perusing. Every time I am there, I find myself taking more photos of the details, in and out, because I love everything so much. All of their shooting bays feature sitting areas, each with their own style, and unique light fixtures are around every corner. Large canvases featuring incredible images that they have photographed are displayed on the walls throughout the studio. And their outdoor area is beyond serene with a lush garden, a koi lily pond, and even a swimming pool.

The space is so beautiful in fact, that it doubles as a Houston event venue. You can reserve the space for your wedding at their sister site, Fifty Two Twenty Six. I strongly recommend that you guys check out both of their sites and just enjoy the photos of the stylish events featured, the delicious food and drinks, and even more images of the super cool interior and exterior areas. You’ll definitely understand why I am truly smitten with this place.

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