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Easter Cookies

This is one of my favorite family traditions. Just about every Easter, my mom, sister, and nieces, get together and spend an afternoon decorating dozens of cookies. Generally, we stick with pastel colors and use all the spring or Easter shaped cutters we have collected over the years. There is something really great to decorate cookies as a family, without stressing too much about how they turn out, and even stopping now and then to eat one that you “messed up.” We pull out all of the colored sprinkles and sugars, and just really go to town. Usually, they all turn out pretty different which is part of the fun. My oldest nieces especially love seeing how much icing combined with how many sprinkles they can fit onto the surface of a single cookie. They usually call dibs on that cookie for eating depending how successful they are. Most of my cookie decorating skills were developed because of this tradition, and it is probably why I love it so much. Do you guys have any creative traditions that you do with your family?

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