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Textured Wallpaper

When I bought my house, the master bathroom had no texture on the walls. Now, I don’t mean a nice smooth finish that has become the norm in new spaces, I mean it seemed to have been stripped of some kind of wall covering and then just painted over. It was kind of uneven in spots, there were a couple small cracks near the switch plates, and just looked very unfinished.

I wanted a solution that was going to be budget friendly, but also look nice. I didn’t really want a traditional texture that you can buy in a can at the hardware store, and felt like even if I settled for one of those, I wasn’t confident that I would be happy with the results when doing it myself.

Then I had the thought of doing a paintable textured wallpaper! I took a chance and ordered this wallpaper off of Amazon. There were several patterns that I liked, but eventually settled on this one. I ordered 4 rolls (which ended up being more than I needed for my little bathroom), and enlisted the help of my sweet Mom, who had wallpapered many a room in her life to my zero rooms. She had the trough and several of the other tools that we needed already on hand, which was a huge help. If I have any advice about wallpapering, it would be to have another set of hands to help (preferably a set of hands that has wallpapered before). It took us a full afternoon to install, but again, my bathroom is pretty small.

When it was all dry the next morning, I was so happy with how it turned out! I love how subtle the texture is and feels like a nod to mid century without being crazy colors. I plan on painting it white, but haven’t quite gotten that far yet. I would definitely recommend trying out a textured wallpaper for anyone looking to add a fun understated detail to a room. It would be perfect to use over existing wallpaper versus the huge hassle of removing it!

Stay tuned for updates about my little bathroom in the future. I have LOTS of ideas 🙂

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