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Work Shop Sign

Check this out guys! I wanted to feature this super cool, manly project today. My best friend’s husband, who is one of the handiest guys I know, created this sign to hang on the outside of his home work shop. He decided that the blank wall needed a little something and started collecting an assortment of random stuff that he already had on hand. Yeah, you heard that right! All of these materials, including the wood backing, is completely repurposed material that he had laying around his shop and garage. I just think it’s so awesome when creativity and resourcefulness come together to result in something unique and amazing. He took all of the stuff he had gathered and laid it out to form the letters, connected all of the pieces of wood to be the base for the letters, and then secured each one to the wood. Then finished the whole piece off by carefully nailing down a rope to form a “the” in cursive. I love how macho and industrial it looks. My favorite part is how he hung it right under the light, which creates such cool shadows, and adds such dimension to the whole thing. It really validates the hoarder side of me because it just goes to show you that you can’t get rid of anything! One day you might need those things to make something cool like this!

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