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Arlington Hotel : Hot Springs

A couple years ago, my family and I took a road trip to Missouri for a family reunion. We decided to end the first day of driving in Arkansas and booked one night in The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs. The building was built in 1924 and staying here was like stepping back in time. I found myself really enamored with all of the architectural details and decor in this place. When we checked in, we got actual metal keys to our rooms. The lobby featured an old mineral water tap, a gold mail box for outgoing snail mail, and elevators with golden doors and ornate scrollwork. Our room featured well-worn, white hex tile bathrooms with crystal door knobs and a skeleton key hole. There was even this amazing floor map on the inside of our door on old, yellowed paper, that looked to have been drawn by hand. All of the walls, doors and trim pieces were covered in many, many layers of paint. You could just tell that this hotel had thousands of stories to tell. I have to say that the tiny town of Hot Springs is very quaint and historic, but doesn’t really have enough to occupy your time for more than a couple days. I would however certainly recommend adding Hot Springs to your route if you are on a road trip of your own, and stay at the Arlington Hotel, even if just for a night, to soak in the hot springs and soak up all the charm of this building.

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