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Face Painting Faves

For a while when my sister and brother-in-law were building their house, they all lived with me. During that time, it was almost a daily occurrence that I would get home from work, and seconds after walking through the door, my two oldest nieces would run up to me asking if I could paint their faces. It didn’t even matter to them if they had to wash it off in a couple of hours. Sometimes they would even insist that Mommy, Daddy, or Aunt Aly had to get their’s done too.

My oldest niece almost always wanted some kind of crown which was not surprising since she is in fact a princess, so it’s the obvious choice. My other niece would let me get a bit more creative. I think what we ended up with in the end was pretty good considering I only ever used a Snazaroo face painting kit and a regular old paint brush!

These are just a few of my favorites…

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