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Garden Rocks

This is a really fun rainy day activity that you and the kids will love. These decorated stones are perfect for adding a little flair to your garden or to set on top of the soil of a potted plant. They are also a great way to personalize a plant that you might give as a gift. You can even add a few and have one of the group feature a message to that friend or family member. All you need to make your own are some Mexican Beach Pebbles, paint pens in whatever colors you would like, and a little creativity. The possibilities are endless with these guys! You can make them extremely realistic looking bugs, turtles, or fruit. You can get really intricate like the popular mandala rocks. Or you can keep it really simple like I did with a single color paint pen and simple little line drawings. And let the kiddos go to town! It’s also always fun to draw the outline of something in black or white and then let them color them in however they want. Either way, they’re gonna rock. Sorry not sorry… cheesy puns are my favorite.

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