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Emoji Gingerbread Men

Sometimes I have to remind myself just how lucky I am. Like how I get to work at a job that let’s me do out-of-the-box, cool stuff like this project. Last year, my company, Norton Creative, created a calendar to send out as gifts to all of our clients. Since we specialize in the restaurant and food service industry, the calendar featured all kinds of cool food photography that we created for each month. I offered my cookie making skills to create these adorable emoji gingerbread men for the month of December (which also happens to be my birthday month… even better!).

I used a standard gingerbread recipe to make the dough and this cutter from William Sonoma. I made white royal icing, piped it on using a number 2 metal piping tip, and finished them off with cinnamon red hots candy buttons! Could they be any cuter?!

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