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Paper Doll Magnets

I love giving hand-made gifts and knowing that it’s a one of a kind thing that is totally personalized to the person. Even though I love it, I don’t always make the gifts I give, but when I do, I tend to go all out! That is definitely the case in this instance. I can’t remember when, but one day, I ran across this really amazing retro Disney paper doll and I just adored the style that it was illustrated in. I traced it back to the artist Cory Jensen and realized that he had created a whole collection of different princesses! I knew that my oldest niece would absolutely LOVE playing with these paper dolls, but she was still a little young to be able to play with paper dolls without totally destroying them. I printed out her favorite six princesses at the time on card stock and set them aside for another time.

When her birthday started approaching, I was thinking about the paper dolls and first I thought “maybe I could laminate them.” But then it hit me… Magnets! I got to planning. I went to Target and bought a small magnetic dry erase board, a bunch of adhesive magnetic sheets, some small command hooks, and a little pencil case that could hold all the dolls and accessories. Once I got everything stuck down to the magnetic sheets, I grabbed my trusty X-Acto blade and cutting board. Then came the laborious task of cutting all of the pieces out including all of the tiny accessories and characters. I took a fair amount of the time for the cutting, but that’s probably also because after I would finish each princess, I would have to see how all her different dresses and accessories looked on her. I attached three command hooks to the bottom of the board, spaced out so that the pencil case could hang on them. Let me tell you guys, she absolutely loved it! I got the Best Aunt award that day for sure.

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