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Easy Chair Makeover

This is another case of a little effort going a long way. I bought a set of six of these chairs for next to nothing, to replace the ones that I use at my counter height breakfast table, which were slowly falling apart. When I got them, they had this red patterned fabric that wasn’t in bad shape, but it wasn’t my style and definitely didn’t go with anything. So I knew I was going to re-cover them. Re-covering a cushioned seat like this is very simple. You really only need your new fabric, some sharp scissors, and a staple gun. I ended up buying about 4 yards (more than I needed, just in case) of the amazing and versatile home decor fabric by Nate Berkus that they carry a Joann’s.

I removed the seats from the chair by unscrewing them from underneath. Then I laid them cushion side down onto the back side of the fabric, so the main side of the fabric would be on the outside of the seat. I cut a little over the width that I needed. Then starting at the corners, I stapled the fabric down one whole side, checking to make sure periodically that the other side of the fabric still wrapped around the edge. Next, I stapled the opposite side of the one I had just finished, making sure to pull the fabric as I went, but not overly tight because I didn’t want any ripples. I repeated those same steps on the perpendicular side, then the opposite side from that one. I trimmed all of the extra fabric after they were fully stapled, and reattached the seat to the chair with the existing screws. And just like that, one chair down! I repeated that whole process 5 more times, and I now had what looked like brand new chairs. YEAH!

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