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Typography Pie Crust

As a designer, I love typography and I love it even more when I see it worked into something unexpected. Just like my Emoji Gingerbread Men, this pie was featured in the Norton calendar. This one was for the month of November and was super fun to make. I started out by laying out a design on my computer at a slightly smaller size than the pie dish we would be using. I paid special attention that there were no floating pieces, that all the swirls and letters were touching each other so that nothing would fall out when I cut it. This is also why I used a script font since the letters would already connect. I also extended some of the letters so that they would connect to the swirls and be less flimsy when I cut it out.

It took two layers of frozen pie crust, rolled together on a piece of wax paper, to be thick enough to handle the detail of the design. I printed out the design on card stock and cut out all of the shapes from the paper using my x-acto blade, leaving the design that I wanted to be shown on the pie. I laid the paper template over the rolled crust and again, used my x-acto to very carefully cut out all of the shapes of exposed crust.

Then very carefully, transferring the finished crust to the top of the pie by moving it over on the wax paper, then sliding the wax paper out. Now the hard part was over! The pie got finished off by trimming the excess off and sealing the top and bottom crusts together in a traditional fashion by pressing all the way around with a fork. This particular pie was cranberry since we knew the word would show up well against the dark red, but you can use this crust with whatever your favorite pie recipe is. I hope you guys will try it for yourself and send me your photos! I can’t wait to see.

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