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Triplet Piggy Banks

Years ago, a good friend of mine and my sister, was having triplet girls and we were hosting a baby shower fiesta for her. I wanted to make a personalized gift for them and decided to do these cute little piggies. This is such a cute and simple way to make a personal gift without a bunch of extra supplies or spending a pretty penny on engraved or embroidered monograms.

All you need is a small piggy bank like this one and a paint pen. I used black since the eyes and nose of the banks were black. I chose to get a different color piggy for each baby. Then after practicing a couple of times on paper, I used the black paint pen to write each girl’s name on each bank, but in distinctly different styles. Not only did the mom-to-be totally love them, but we loved them so much too that we ended up using them as a center piece at the party.

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