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Peacock Costume

This was a DIY project that I did in my last year of college, but to this day, so many years later, I STILL get messages and comments about this costume. It is definitely one of my favorites too! I have even lent it to many friends in the following Halloweens after I wore it, and it has held up perfectly through it all.

To start, I ordered a pack of peacock feathers online at Wholesale Floral. I knew that it might not be the cheapest costume to make, but with those pre-packed, off the shelf costumes that always run at least small going for $50 and up, I still felt better making something custom and higher quality, even if it did cost more. My next step was to collect the other materials I would need to pull the costume together. I gathered a large cardboard box, scissors, rubber cement, a hot glue gun, and glue sticks. I headed to the the fabric store for the other materials including a roll of wide black elastic, a yard of black velvet, and several yard of black and blue tulle.


For the feather piece, I cut an almost teardrop shape with an inverted point out of a piece of cardboard. Then I used that as a template to cut a second piece to match. I covered the top side of each piece with rubber cement and covered them with the velvet fabric. Next, I used hot glue around the edges of the opposite sides, wrapped the fabric around the edges, and then trimmed the excess. Then I began hot gluing the feathers down to the non-fabric covered side of one piece. Fanning out the feathers from the longest lengths, and layering them shorter as I worked my way toward the base of the shape and cutting the feathers as needed. On the other piece I cut two pieces of elastic and glued them down to the other piece for the straps. then I applied a layer of glue and carefully attached the two pieces together.

With the feathers finished, I just needed to finish the costume. I cut the tulle fabric into strips, made a waist band out of the remaining elastic, and created the tutu by looping the strips, alternating in color, around the elastic. I bought the cheapest teal stretch dress I could find online, paired it with black leggings, and some coordinating eye makeup. That was it. I wore this to multiple functions that Halloween and had fun changing it up every time. I would wear my hair a little different or change up my makeup each time. I even wore black fishnets instead of leggings for the nighttime events. I have made several costumes in my life, but this one got the most attention by far. My niece also happened to be a parrot that year for halloween (her costume DIY’d by my sister) and it is one of my favorite ever pictures of us.

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